The Journey of Wireless Technology

As technology continues to progress, stable fast and reliable data has become a priority for most people. Over the last couple of decades, wireless technology has continued to improve at an incredible pace. From the analogue cell phone in the 1980’s which worked more like the am/pm radio’ to the 4G lTE. Its been an amazing journey. Currently the battle for the 5G is currently in play. With most countries and companies on the race to be the first to launch the 5G network. We would stroll down memory lane to see the journey from the launch of 1G network to the soon to be launched

5G network.
In 1980, 1G was launched in the form of an analogue cell phone. The 1G was developed in the United States. The 1G was a welcome development but had its flaws. One of the flaws was that the number of people that can it had a limited number of individuals that can be connected to it at any given time. Due to this, there was lots of inference on calls.
From the 1G, the world moved higher to 2G. For those that don’t know, the G stands for Generations. So, the world literally moved to another generation in terms of wireless technology. The 2G technology was launched in the 90’s. The great news about the 2G was that it brought about digital cellular calls. It can be referred to as the first generation of digital cellular calls. Simply converting voice into 1’s and 0’s. Another great feature of 2G was that for the first time, text and images were able to be sent from one individual to another.
As technology progressed, the General Packet Radio Services was added to the 2G, this featured allowed individuals to access the internet with their mobile phone. The joy 2 decades ago was unexplainable when this service was launched. Although it may seem funny now, but it was fun accessing the internet via the tiny screens of a keypad phone.
As the world entered a new millennium, the third generation 3G came into existence. The 3G improved the internet speed from 200kb per sec of the 2G to some megabytes per sec for the 3G network. The 3G came with a faster speed that was about 200 times the speed of the 2G. This helped improved the ever-increasing demand for faster internet browsing and download. Another amazing feature of the 3G was that it gave rise to internet features such as voice calls.
The next line of wireless technology is the 4G. 4G came with a mega improved speed of about 100Mbps. The advent of 4G gave rise to lots of improvements around the world and gave us apps like WhatsApp, uber, google maps and so many more.
Its important to note that wireless technology have evolved from just our mobile and smart phones to virtually everything around us, from our fridges, to TV’s and even cars. It has improved communication greatly. You can be in the United States and have a real face time conversation with someone in France. This is an instance of how wireless technology has been able to improve standard of living and live in general.
The question is what does 5G has to over? 5G is expected to drastically increase internet speed as well as coverage. 5G is going to revolutionise lots of things including transportation, daily living, health and so much more. Steps are almost complete to the launch of 5G, we await the launch of this cutting-edge technology.

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