Major Impacts of Technology in Communication

The use of technology has recently become a necessity in our lives. It is becoming part of our daily routine and everything we do while communicating with friends, relatives and our colleagues revolve around the new technology. You will use your mobile phone to call or send messages to other people, send emails through email networks, do video conferencing and even interact with other people through social media platforms due to the advanced technologies.

With the many innovations and discoveries, technological advancements keep changing how we communicate and it is important to embrace these new discoveries. Let’s take a look at how technology has impacted communication both in businesses and also at individual levels.
How technology has advanced communication among individuals


Technology has brought about new and better ways of communication that are convenient to all. People can easily get in touch with their friends even if they live far away. Instant texting, emailing, video calling and the use of other social media networks are some of the faster and convenient ways brought about by the new technology. Besides, you will not need to carry your laptop or other devices with you to send emails to your friends since you can easily access the email services and even make video calls through your smartphone.

Communicating to the masses

Technology has made it easier to pass information to even a large group of people. Unlike in the older days when you had to write messages to every person of the group that you needed to share the information with, today you can easily send a single message to all people in the group by just clicking on the send button. All you need to do is simply make a group contact list that you need to share the information with then write down your message in your email and include the group contact list on the ‘to’ section. This way the message will be sent to all the people in your group contact list at the same time.

Affordable means of communication

The advanced technologies have created cheaper means of communication hence enabling users to save huge amounts of money that could have been used to send the information. Before the innovation of the advanced technology, people used to send letters to their loved ones at higher costs and these letters would even take weeks before reaching the recipient but today we can call, text or send emails to our friends and relatives at no costs.

•Security assurance while passing information
Technology has provided secure means of communication hence ensuring that there is no breach of the information passed from the sender to the receiver. Email messages and even text messages are encrypted such the information cannot be accessed by any other party but only the recipient. Phones are also fitted with software securities that prevent malicious people from accessing the owner’s information. You can also lock your phones with strong passwords such that no one can access the information on your phone or any other electronic device without your consent.

Makes communication enjoyable

Gone are the days when people used to send letters to their loved ones that would take months before reaching the recipients. Today’s modes of communication are so fast and you can make instant conversations with your loved ones. You can also make group conversations and even make video chats which would be more of having a face to face communication. Emoji features are also installed to help you express your

humor and other feelings to the person you are talking to.
Impact of technology in business communication

Improves customer relations

Technology has helped businesses to easily reach their customers and as a result, improve their performances. Through the use of social Networkings businesses are able to freely interact with their customers and as a result, get to inform them about their products hence boosting their sales. For instance, many companies have created Facebook pages through which they are able to inform their customers about their products and also get to answer consumer questions based on their operation and service deliveries. The constant conversation also helps to create confidence in the business operations amongst the various customers.

Easy to launch new products

Long before, businesses faced many difficulties informing their customers about their new products due to the poor means of communication but thanks to the advanced technologies that have created better and simple ways for companies to reach their customers. Today businesses just need to send a single message to the various customers informing them of the new product detailing its uses and all information that they need to know about the new product. This way all clients will receive the same message at the same time.

– Better means of conducting product and service surveys

Simple and cheaper means of carrying out product surveys have been created with the use of advanced technologies. This includes the use of social networks and even sending survey forms through email to various clients. This way clients can easily give their feedback on the various products and the kind of improvements that need to be done on the products. These are cheaper means of getting consumer responses unlike in the older times when companies had to spend lots of funds to get their surveys published in the national newspapers and magazines.

Video conferencing features

Long ago companies had to postpone business meetings until every member was physically available for the presentations hence delaying the business operations. Today the new technology has made it possible for businesses to carry out meetings with the video conferencing features even if some members are not present.

Digital networks

Digital networks have also been innovated hence making communication easier. You can easily communicate with people in the office without experiencing network problems regardless of your current location. Your colleagues can also send or print files for you even when they are away from the office.

Technology has highly impacted on our businesses and even in our daily lives. Communication has been simplified and people can always interact with their loved ones even when they are far away. New and better means of communication are also been innovated through the advanced technologies and it is important to transition to these efficient modes of communication for a better living.

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