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Right Way to Implement a Voice Assistant

Voice Assistants are becoming more advanced and popular nowadays. Technology is undoubtedly amazing and will grow. It is important to remember that this is the first time that the identity of the voice is in the mainstream. Although voice recognition was present in the past, it was not available and valuable in any way. The key to identifying a good voice is that a computer device actually knows what a person needs to understand, not just what you make clear.

For all the traders here, now is the time to think. What is the next decade of voice recognition? It is likely that in the coming years many big and flourishing companies and Siri-related purchases will be built. From ordering food to arrangements for reservation in Siri Restaurant, it will then create computer communication. Think about the idea, start the service and wait to open the Siri API and even get it yourself. Digital assistants like Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, Google Now and Microsoft Cortana are the best voice assistants available in the market regularly speed of voice technology development changes how we interact with our devices.

We should remember that despite using very complex techniques, Siri remains very much in its initial state. Configuring a serial schedule or reminders and alarms in the calendar is quite basic. Siri’s special pleasure will be complex projects, which will soon be made by a mobile phone assistant. When you have an electronic assistant, who correctly understands what the words suggest, and not only what the words are, the restriction becomes almost none. As long as you do not encourage Siri to give guidance on daily dilemmas, how long can it take?

However, many popular UX design methods are still in place, including user research, personality creation, user flow, prototype, usability testing, and repetition designs – there are some differences in the voice interface. For some time the wild and Microsoft recently came out of their perspective for a personalized voice assistant – Cortana. Although these digital assistants are helpful, no one can deny that voice is not the most convenient way to interact with the phone. Digital assistants have remained a sophisticated trap mainly for high-end phones.

Amazon, a company that played the role of “me” in a large number of consumer products, had a completely different approach to vocal assistants. When he launched the Echo – a Home Voice Assistant who always works in the cloud, he completely invented and invented new range products.
Echo (also called Alex) was designed by Amazon as an original product because Amazon concluded that vocal aids are most suitable for home use. It is clear in the fact that there is no need to put a battery in it, it is a bold step in today’s mobile gadgets. Then he cautioned Echo. You just wake up with a wake-up call (Alex or Amazon are now the only words of the acknowledged warning) and then you place an order. The echo is equipped with seven sensitive microphones and can also hear you in a noisy room with a distance of 10 feet. He still listens to you when he plays music or talks with you. By removing the two main obstacles mentioned above, Amazon has created a voice assistant that is really useful and enjoyable.

Like a phone that can do many things by installing apps, echo can also be used for many purposes. It can sing music, answer common sense, control smart devices, manage alarms, calendars, etc. I have often heard people questioning the usefulness of eco because their phones can do almost anything I can do. This was my first reaction to the product, but when I started using Echo, it gradually got cured. I understand the power of a voice attendant which is always connected, with whom I can speak without needing to press the button anywhere in the house.

This does not mean that Echo is a dream product of AI in the future. Sometimes it bothers you a little bit, it can not answer basic questions and does not respond loudly to the camera. Echo’s ability to answer general questions about Trivia is quite limited. If you are planning to start your first UI project, here are five basic suggestions that will help you all the time –
However, if the system has kept your home address information, a quick list of all the tips will be provided. Probably a small voice response with a visual Bixby element, such as a map and instructions Providing such an experience is quick and satisfying. Intuitive design with the graphic interface or graphic users should be done by designers.

Approachability – Analyze what users need

Two important things that work with Voice Assistants is a device that recognizes the understanding of the speaker and the speaker’s device. Designers should always consider possible control of speech, hearing impairments, and any such elements that interfere with interactions, such as, Google Assistant. Even the language, speech or voice of the voice affects how the device interprets it. As a designer, you should be smart about how and how to use design and sound, which anyone can use, whether they say anything or hear it consider the user’s environmental surroundings.

An example would be to say something on the phone using a powerful and busy train in the background, so you need to identify how different situations affect the type of interface designed. If the original app is to drive the car, then this is an excellent option – the hands and eyes of the users are busy, but their voices and ears are not there. If you are using an app in a noisy place, then it is best to ask for a visual interface, because ambient noise makes noise and hearing detection more difficult. We need to provide a switch between voice and visual interfaces.

Feedback – two side interaction

In a normal conversation, someone knows that he is interested in talking, smiling and making other gestures. Similarly, it should be provided to users who interact with your computer. It is important to follow this in your project so that the user understands that the device is active and attracts attention to it.

The system should always inform users about what is happening. Apart from this, it is very important to understand how a user will understand how the system is aware of non-intrusive methods. You can equip it with a sound effect or flashlight of your choice.

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